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Ray Rogers, retired Fellow with the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and lead chemist with the original science team STURP (the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project, involving approximately 35 scientists directly examining the Shroud for five days), has shown conclusively that the sample cut from The Shroud of Turin in 1988 was taken from an area of the cloth that was re-woven during the middle ages.

Here are some excerpts: "Pyrolysis-mass-spectrometry results from the sample area coupled with microscopic and microchemical observations prove that the radiocarbon sample was not part of the original cloth of the Shroud of Turin.

I don't have to have one specific way.'He did not want to say in front of the cameras how he plans to respond to the crisis.'I don't like to say where I'm going and what I'm doing,' Trump reminded.' 'If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it,' she said.'We need to see them put an end to these horrific acts.' Less than a week ago, Haley said it was no longer a 'priority' of the United States to remove Assad from power.