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Whatever scenes come first, I’ll make sure to put that on the top of my agenda.

How do you relate your characters and what do you have in common with them? I look at Danny Green and he’s got this idea in his mind of what he wants the world to be.

I enjoy figuring things out."I view myself as a facilitator more than anything.

‘s Patrick Fabian and Rhea Seehorn, Travis Van Winkle, Tricia Helfer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Echo Kellum and John Barrowman at the event celebrating the organization, which is the official awards group of The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

Marissa Neitling: That’s really been the most exciting part for me, to discover who Kara is when she’s not on the ship. I mean the political life of the show sort of mirrors a lot of what’s going on with our society, in terms of that it’s a very political year for us.