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Nadine yearns for "hot" mysterious loner Nick (Alexander Calvert), who works at the local Pet Land.She indifferently dismisses Erwin (Szeto), who wears the crush for her on his sleeve. Brunner (Harrelson) is Nadine's only adult confidant and caustic reality check.

Fortunately, her Dad Tom (patient and kind Eric Cooper) was not so much the buffer between Nadine and her Mom, rather the only one who could calm the fear deep in Nadine.

As Nadine narrates everything tragically altered when she was 13 years old.

Then she admits, "All of it was racist." Craig and Steinfeld compassionately walk that fine line with inspired humor.

At a defining story arc, following a drunken indulgence Nadine weeps to Krista, "I've got to spent the rest of my life..myself." This is heartbreaking. Growing up in her eyes, older brother Darian was her parents' favorite. She constantly clashed with her Mom Mona (Kyra Sedgwick), who just did not 'get her'.

She was with her Dad when he unexpectedly passed way.