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Vitaliy SHEMETOV was born in Siberia - the coldest region of USSR (currently Russia).

Russia is the coldest country on Earth, thus Vitaliy was born in "the coldest of the coldest" and he had no choice than to be a tough and an extremely strong guy.

So how did that with a picture of a graduate of the Stroganov school of the Mosquito in "Sheremetyevo-2" could not start? And it began in the morgue, more precisely, in the dead house of the Institute of physical culture, where ruthlessly drove the students of the art school — future artists — to focus them on issues of anatomy. In 1967 the Duo mosquito — Melamid exhibition was held in the cafe "Blue bird".

And orders were extremely izuitskie, it was still the USSR.

In those days, for the export of works of living artists, it was necessary to get his consent attested in his presence in the city Committee of graphic artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya street.

In 2008 he moved together with his brother Sergey to Netherlands, where they both were trained by legendary coach Lucien CARBIN.

They trained together with Tyrone SPONG, Alistair OVEREEM, Semmy SCHILT. Despite of the fact that 2 brothers were always training together, they never fought against each other, as they promised to their parents, but actually they always were in different weight divisions as well.

His best K-1 record was K-1 WORLD GP in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.