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I cannot execute this code in any of the form's Open, Load, Activate, Current event. We need to be able to store the path to object in the database and then change the contents of the of the form and/or report dynamically at runtime. See line 13 in the code snippet above The property is the Source Doc property on this line in the code snippet .

However when I tried to modify my code as per the MSDN I got Null Reference exceptions (Now I'm not clearing the rows from a row event the rest of the method executes as normal; the weird thing is that it didn't appear to throw any exception, I could step right up to it in the debugger.

My Customers data is an IList so it should have been easy to convert to IBinding List and use that.

I have added an unbound OLE object to my form that is linked to an image file with a Document Source property set to C:image1

I am trying to have the image (OLEUnbound Object)update when a user selects a different image file from teh drop down. Requery This does not seem o do anything a NY i DEAS ?

To insert a linked OLE object When you insert new columns or rows into the OLE, the OLE will be updated in Auto CAD after you have closed Excel.