Validating textbox in vb net back dating c0mputer to correct problems

The Membership API includes methods for validating credentials, retrieving information about the currently logged on user, creating a new user account, and deleting a user account, among others.

Each user account in the Membership framework contains only the properties needed for validating credentials and performing essential user account-related tasks.

That should do the trick, keep in mind if you want to allow the user to enter decimal values that changes the entire scenario.

Validators work both on the client and the server side, so removing javascript the validator will still work on the server end of it. Quick question..:- The following code does not let me put in any alphabetical characters which is fine, it doesnt even let me type a character:- The first one you have the onkeypress in the Text Box so it works fine the second you have in the Range Validator, I havent tested it but my guess is that the Range Validator does not have a onkeypress event, where as the Text Box does.

Sorry my mistake i didnt think the javascript was needed.

In doing so, we will look at different options for modeling user information in a database, and then see how to associate this data with the user accounts created by the Membership framework. There are a variety of techniques that can be employed to capture user information in a database and associate it with the user accounts created by the Membership framework.

In order to illustrate these techniques, we will need to augment the tutorial web application so that it captures some sort of user-related data.

It does this by partitioning user accounts into different applications.