Validating scanner profiles

ABI is a voluntary program available to brokers, importers, carriers, port authorities, and independent service centers.”³Automated Clearing House (ACH): "The primary electronic funds transfer (EFT) system used by agencies to make payments for financial transactions in the United States.ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches.10 2 Rule: “United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced a new rule, known as the Importer Security Filing (ISF) or more commonly called 10 2; which requires cargo information, for security purposes, to be transmitted to the agency at least 48 hours before goods are loaded onto an ocean vessel for shipment into the U. 10 2 is pursuant to section 203 of the SAFE Port Act, and requires importers to provide 10 data elements to CBP, as well as 2 more data elements from the carrier.

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ACE is part of a multi-year CBP modernization effort that is being deployed in phases.

ACE provides a solid technology foundation for all border security initiatives within CBP and will: Automated Commercial System (ACS): “is the comprehensive system used by U. Customs and Border Protection to track, control, and process all commercial goods imported into the United States.

In addition, the program will speed the movement of lower-risk shipments while resources can focus on higher-risk shipments for additional screening.

Air Freight Forwarder: “A freight forwarder for shipments by air. The air freight forwarders are, to the shipper, an indirect carrier because they receive freight from various shippers under one tariff, usually consolidating the goods into a larger unit, which is then tendered to an airline.

Air waybills are used by many truckers as through documents for coordinated air/truck service.”¹Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service: "a multi-faceted Agency with a broad mission area that includes protecting and promoting U. agricultural health, regulating genetically engineered organisms, administering the Animal Welfare Act and carrying out wildlife damage management activities.