Updating ubuntu version

Ubuntu is also a good choice for this laptop, as if I ever need to “do” anything with it then there’s a usable Linux distro installed, ready to go.

If you’re eyeing up your old PC as a potential Amahi home server, then make sure you’ve got the following specifications covered: Note: Amahi requires a clean Ubuntu install, and will not necessarily work with an existing Ubuntu install.

This wiki How teaches you how to manually update an Android phone or tablet operating system.

updating ubuntu version-71

If you need to make a USB drive that will boot on a Mac, check out the Ubuntu documentation.).

The first thing you see when you boot the USB stick is the UNetbootin bootloader, which gives you the choice of trying-out or installing Ubuntu as well as checking your disk for errors and a few other options.

Choose and wait for the installation procedure to load.

First choose your language and when prompted don’t worry about connecting to the Internet for updates as Amahi works best using the default install.

Rather than Fedora 12 (or Fedora 14, or 16 which is the current supported version for Amahi) I’m going to be using Ubuntu.