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Well now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel much better.

The ranchers in North Park (where the ranches are located) say they haven't seen a winter like this since the 80's. Snowpack really doesn't mean much this time of year, we need it to be above normal on the first of April. Hopefully they have had enough wind to bare some of the ridges so the critters can get to the food below. if you think that might interest you give me a call.

Personally I like to see him do away with the Dept of Energy, the Dept. He can also rein in the EPA and the ESA and that would suit me fine. We are overrun with Libertards, mostly from the East and West coasts.

Sure would be nice if they packed up and went back from whench they came.

The CPW has a major retard program in the works, more on that in a future post.