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Freezers almost all the time, I had this for about 3 years and seen it crash more than actually working. Do not buy this product unless it comes as part of your ps3 already. It can be a bit slow starting up, but adds to the functionality of the PS3 making it a true entertainment system.

Ended up buying a tivo after 6 months of total frustration trying to make do with this device. Kept losing programme info requiring a restart of the system. Could look better if the USB connection was at the back of both the Playtv unit and the PS3.

Sure it has it good days where it will work peacefully and it also has it bad day where it is a nightmare. Easiest PVR to use and easy to understand functions due to logical layout..

I have recommended this product to 2 of my friends and it has not disappointed.

Had problems with poor reception from purchase despite separate tv having perfect reception.

Unsure how this is the case as the PS3 isn't hooked up to... Reading forums etc it seems scant software updates have meant performance hasn't been maintained and we're having to consider either trying to source a new Play TV unit (though they appear discontinued) or getting some sort of Fetch box or similar.

read more » Was the cheapest HD recorder on the market at the time.

JB Hi Fi at the time had this and the 250GB PS3Slim for $540.