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MDB file bloats while updating records The application we are developing uses MS Access 2003 database (with help of ADO). I created a test database containing only one table with two columns (Key number, Value text(50)). I have run two slightly different functions to update the table. Open Recordset("Table1", db Open Dynaset) While Not rs. Execute ("Update table1 set [value]='value1' where [Key] = " & rs! Access an MDB file from another MDB file Hi, I have 2 MDB files (databases) in one folder - say and A column (Action) in table A already tells me whether this is an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. An ordinary UPDATE statement just won't do unless I use a cursor to cycle through the recordset. The following code is very simple, it constructs some string to use as content and file name.

We have noticed that during massive records updating the size of the mdb file increases dramatically (from 3-4 to 200-300 Mb). After running of Function 1 the mdb size is not changed significantly (about 5-6%). Thanks in advance, Alexey Function 1: Dim db As DAO. I'm able to derive that I can do an insert with select * into table B from table A where Action = ' INSERT' ...I think I can handle the delete. The string contains Unicode code points for some Cyrillic capital letters, just to test that Unicode works.

Synchronizing Table definitionns in one mdb file with those from a second mdb file I see this is a common question, however I haven't found any good answers.

I receive ms-access mdb files from various clients.

I am new to and need help updating existing records to a local access file.