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Screams and the thud of bodies hitting metal rang out. “I would guess he revved it and it was impacting at 40 miles an hour. I heard it and I saw debris and people fly through the air. We, our group, encircled the back of his vehicle to keep him from leaving.” Fields then put the car into reverse and accelerated backwards at high speed, toward the car crossing and through still more people.

The front bumper of his heavily damaged car dragged and scraped on the ground.

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Several dozen militia members wearing para-military gear and carrying AR-15 rifles, who said they were opposed to the white supremacists but were also monitoring the anti-supremacist protesters, lined the edge of the park.

At the top of the steps leading up into the park, the most heavily armored members of the white nationalist groups assembled.

A police car, parked in the middle of the intersection, was covered in a pink spray.

State troopers in riot gear moved slowly through the street and the park.

He had driven in from his native Maumee, Ohio, and spent the morning demonstrating with white supremacists. Blocking the street in front of him was the procession returning from Friendship Court, merging with a separate group of protesters.