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Unless I’ve missed something, this is the Talking Heads’ most enthusiastic performance since the Talking Heads parted ways.

Thus, it was 2008’s most exhilarating surprise when Phillips released her first self-produced album this year, and it turned out to be inspired, unpredictable, and even hopeful.

She’s learned quite a few tricks from Burnett, but she’s got a spirit and an impetuous style all her own.

Tom Petty should take a break from the Heartbreakers and stick with this impressive band for a while.

It’s more collaborative than anything he’s done since the Traveling Wilburys, and that’s a good thing.

And while there is such a thing as excellence, and yes we can discern the difference between a good song and a better song, it’s almost impossible to come to a decision about which works of art are “the best” of a given year. Sam Phillips – Don’t Do Anything Since the late 1980s, Sam Phillips has been, in my opinion, America’s best answer to The Beatles – an inspired songwriter, a poet, a whimsical imagination, and a writer of profound spiritual insight.