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When finished with your prayer, make sure to do one of the many visualizations available to psychically protect yourself, such as envisioning yourself within a column of brilliant white Light which no negative energy can pierce or contaminate.Only those spirits and energies which are there to serve your highest purpose are allowed into the column of white Light.

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While I think spirit communication is a good thing, I also think contact must be made with a great deal of respect, and while following a specific set of rules.

The following are ten things you should Always make sure you open spirit communication with a prayer of protection, asking that God as well as all angels and guides stand with you to protect you.

Those spirits may be mischievous or even malicious and can cause us far more trouble than we ever anticipated.

We attract what we are, so when we are unhappy or negative when working with spirits we will attract those same kinds of energies to us.

Therefore it is important to make sure your intention is pure and to communicate your intention in your prayers before and after the exercise.