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Please, be informed that you are to pay the required charges listed below for the immediate release of your luggage.

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s O, I THINK THE INTENTION WAS TO STEAL SOME MONEY FROM ME. D I also have met a man on the internet and he said he name is Eric Nicholas and he was in Iraq and he was a soldier there, after a month talking to him, he started telling me he loves me and that he wants to be with me, then all of a sudden he is sending me money from there he spent $4200.00 then when this package was received in the UK the UK sent me a notice saying that I needed to send $850.00 to have the package released to me, after I have payed that they are now asking for $2610.00 because of customs and immigration, I am very doubtful at this point, now he is mad and said he had a friend to send $800.

i STILL WAITING FOR THE PACKAGE, BUT IT NEVER ARRIVED. that I needed to pay the balance, I'm not so sure this package exist, I haven't sent him any money, and he said he is ready to come home and I said well you pick up the package then, and he also wants me to send him money for a flight home, now if the military sent him there they would be the ones to bring him home correct? what she believe is what she/he anything is possible. I was also taken advantage of, this man by the name of Eric Nicholas said he was a Captain in Iraq and was there on a one year mission, and so I got to talking to him for about a month or two, then he was starting this I love You crap about 3 weeks into our conversations, well I thought that was kind of soon to be doing that but then I thought he was just tired of being alone, so I played along, well the next thing I know, he and a few other soldiers came across some money, a lot of money millions and was dividing this up and sending it home to family, but he had no one to send it to so he was going to send it to me, well it of course was held up in the UK and they wanted to send them $850.00 which I did then they said that it was stuck in customs and they wanted another $2610.00 because they scanned the package and seen that is contained personal information and artifacts, well I was in the process of getting the money together then I just thought by chance that I would look into this a little further well I was so shocked to see how many people has been done the same way by so many other different people, so when I told him I wasn't sending the money he really got upset and was cussing and throwing some kind of fit, so I knew then this was some one I didn't want to be involved with even if he did come back to the states, so now he is saying he missed his flight to the states well if he was with the military then they would be the ones bring him home so that threw up another red flag, so please be careful the ones who contacted me from the UK was the Diplomatic Caurier Express they are scamming people so be very careful, these people prey on people like us and we are the ones to be hurt and left in debt, and also you can do a email reversal to see where their emails are really coming from, well my mans email was coming from Sunnydale California, I was shocked so do your homework before you send any money, to anyone even if they tell you they love you, it is all part of their plan. i have a friend name d Christopher William, he said he send me a parcel ( A watch, a lap top HP, a mobile black berry) . After 2 days i got a mail telling me that the courier was hold in Malaysia.

You made the payment through western union today and send your the payment slip so that your package will be delivered to your door step tomorrow monring. Janet Hello Madam, All the calculation was made in UK and told the sender because one the allowed kg is 10kg but his package is more than 10kg, to inform you that if your didn't pay before noon tomorrow, it will be attracting 50usd everyday, The account manager is the person that is respondible for any cash, it takes three working days to clear when it is paid in our company account and most of the times the client are charged penalty for the three days of clearing the payment, so the company resolve to recieve paymet by western union which take only 10mins to reach to our office. 1name=Cecep5297 2word=Suryanaspd you would receive the gift in Three days from is on Monday. TRY RENT VERY NICE CAR AND BOOK A HOTEL WE GOING TO STAY FOR TWO WEEKS IN INDONESIA.

The gift must get to me when you receive the luggage OK. THANKS AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU TILL I ARRIVE THERE, YOUR DARLING ANNA Mr.

The expected date and time of departure and delivery will be notified to you soonest. Fadi Ibrahim Head, Of Customer Propositions Email: enquiry- [email protected]: Contact; 60169588293 don't believe it, be careful with this scam hello i am victim of that scam also and i sent 300usd with the man name abdul ghani from malaysia custom which is all bullshit and story..aware of all men you meet in dating site..specially in of scammer..