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It puts Anomo on the same playing field as Facebook: According to Sun, users open the app 18 times a day on average, as opposed to 14 times for Facebook.

And nearly all of those users are from a demographic Mark Zuckerberg is eager to win back: teens. Select an avatar and tell the app your gender and age range (95% of daily active users are between 15 and 20).

Overwhelmed by the response, the troubled teen declared he would hang in there.

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RELATED VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson and Her Technicolor Dream Dress at Ghost in the Shell N. He told PEOPLE that he didn’t really listen to talk about his private life: “I don’t really pay attention to it, I just kinda keep doing my life as much as I can.

It’s nice to have some time off now and just get to relax.” But Johansson has also recently been linked to Kevin Yorn, her high-profile lawyer, whom she was first photographed holding hands with during a romantic stroll in New York City in June.

"They want to keep their Facebook friends apart from their new friends." The prevailing wisdom online is that if you offer users any kind of anonymity, even the masked kind, they will default to their worst behaviors.

For this reason, You Tube changed its commenting system, requiring connection to a Google account.

Anomo's proudest moment, according to Sun, came when one user wrote on the main message board that he was contemplating suicide.