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For women travelling solo, Jamaica can be hard work until you get used to the constant male attention.

Laurent Fintoni charts the history of the rewind from Jamaica all the way to modern dancefloors.

This piece was originally published in Cuepoint in February 2015.

As lots of women do come to Jamaica in search of “exotic” romance, many locals will inevitably assume that single female travellers have come here to find a man – or several.

The news that you’re not will often be greeted with incredulity, and the semi-professional gigolos (and full-blown male prostitutes) who work the resorts will do their best to get you to change your mind.

The elderly are revered in Jamaican culture, and it’s usual to preface someone’s name with Mr or Miss when addressing someone much older than you; kids are taught to respect their elders at all times and never answer back.