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He added how fatherhood had changed him and how he takes days off from his work to spend with his family.

Commenting on her appearance with husband Sean, Natalie said, “It was a great live experience!

The legends like Arnold and Frank Zane knew how to perfect and sculpt the body and they were from the seventies. The best advice was “to spend so much time on self improvement that you have no time to criticise others.” I love that and I try to live by it everyday.

I have of course tried pretty much every other technique and workout – like p90x and insanity and cross fit – but this works best for me. Well, the sandwich would have to be on a cheat day! The worst was when people said, “I wouldn’t take that risk if I were you; you’re never gonna make it in the entertainment industry.” That only made me want to succeed even more.

Jay Sean and his wife Thara Natalie are expecting a baby.