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Finally, on the last day, according to reports, the CBFC revoked its earlier clearance to the film based on complaints by some jury members about the style in which the title has been written on the title card which, the Board said in a letter to the producer, “is effectively undermining and attempting to defeat the very basis of the title registration and changes”.

Such vindictiveness towards a small filmmaker with limited resources and such nonchalance towards a High Court directive should be a cause for alarm to those who believe in artistic freedom, democratic principles and basic human decency.

There is another aspect of this episode worth noting here though.

The BJP government and its supporters perhaps do not realise that in their reactions to Young Durga’s travails on the streets in Sasidharan’s story are juxtaposed against a goddess-worshipping festival during which men put themselves through unimaginable torture (hanging from body piercings, running rods through their mouths and more) to prove their devotion to the deity.

Ayesha, likewise, is not just Prophet Mohammad’s wife, it is a common name among Indian Muslims.