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IHS Press is launching a new series of books, Gates of Vienna, named after the famous Catholic victory won by Polish knights in 1683 at Vienna that stopped the last Islamic invasion of Europe.This series will reprint important classic books covering Church history.I cannot think of a single aspect of the faith that is not covered on this site. New Advent is an excellent website that provides a wealth of information.

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There is much more information available at this site than can be summarized here.

It is well worth your time to investigate its many resources.

Catholic Culture is a broad-based resource that provides commentary on contemporary Catholic Affairs, definitions from Fr.

John Hardon's Catholic Dictionary, collections of Catholic documents, and discussions of items important to the correct interpretations of Catholic dogma and doctrine.

This page provides links to orthodox Catholic websites that are in full conformance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. This page is under constant updating; please refer to it frequently to view new links.