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These canals were used to move drugs in to the city from the ST.

Bernard Boat yard where Salvador De vincinti 's brother works, Salvador is the dirty narcotics cop that was the shooter in the George Fleming death and Anna Smollen death on Marinay st. The man that the say killed my wife had no guns or money to buy guns he was black and a patsy for my families murder of my wife and her children.

MY daughter wanted to get help but was barred from help.

I was already up on things at the age of one,behind me is the family traitor a lowly creature who curses god for giving him polio ,sold out his family to the mob and cartel for drugs a whole lot of cocaine,had his niece and nephew that's me molested ,beaten, drugged ,jailed and is party to many of the terrorist acts that are being staged by people just like him sitting behind me mad because his sisters children were smart and healthy and he was and is still deficient and so are his offspring.

Recently he and his fellow criminals cost my mom the sale of her house by running off people and using the corrupt court run by ignorant white trash high on murder and drugs lied to my tax people, lied to my to my mom, refused to accept letters that would release their fake lien on my mom's house,lawyer who was to handle sale gave it to a girl who is best friends with my uncle Jimmy's not so bright daughter,that God she can't breed.

now i move better think better and have many professionals behind me and friends world wide.

Other witnesses are Terry Peyroux and Ricky Coronia the person hired by mafia and MC Donald s owner from St.

Bernard parish and like Scrurria now live in Vicksburg Dewayne De roach, who under the direction of Billy Sheffield And Buddy Newman helped kill my family and help with the take downing of the shuttle.