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Other individuals may worry that their relationship feels asymmetrical (i.e., that their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is more in love with them than vice versa).Some individuals with relationship OCD have generalized fears about committing to one person, such as being afraid of “missing out” or not “being on the right path” with “the right person.” Others have more specific worries, such as the fear of hurting their partner’s feelings or the fear of being unfaithful.Obsessions are unwanted thoughts, impulses, or images that “pop” into awareness many times each day.

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Just like other forms of OCD, ROCD is thought to be associated with hyper-responsibility, a tendency to view thoughts as being important, a need to control or escape unwanted thoughts, hypersensitivity to risk or threat in ambiguous situations, intolerance for uncertainty, and perfectionism.

In my Palm Beach Gardens (South Florida) treatment center, relationship OCD beliefs that I commonly encounter include: Like all forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, symptoms of relationship OCD include obsessions and compulsions.

We are both 25 with successful jobs and i'd say very mature for our age - both have been in relationships before but never worked out.

We rarely fought, spent alot of time together and had alot of experiences.

For example, events that may be associated with an exacerbation of ROCD symptoms include committing to an exclusive dating relationship, having sex or being intimate, getting engaged, getting married, or having children.