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I think your only option is importing and pray they come with an english translation of some kind.

:roll: So you better not ever play any sports games, racing, or military, or really anything that isn't magic or in space because all those things you can do in real life too.. they can be quite fun and often times have alot of good humor to be found...

And it made me feel like a total creep—something no form of media outside of VR has ever done.

There I was, in VR, worried about having invaded the personal space of a virtual character, and yet all the same, unable to turn off that natural human instinct despite knowing full well that she was nothing more than ones and zeros.

The only reason I think that they've yet to break into western culture (if they ever will) is because of how most of them are presented through extreme anime-esque aesthetics - something not everyone enjoys as much as others. All the "good stuff" is taken out when they make dating sims for consoles anyways, so you arent missing much (unless hrs hours of reading just to get a digital girlfriend is that entertaining to you).