Oracle forms updating a view

oracle forms updating a view-43

Note that this is a work in progress that I will be adding to and testing as time and opportunities permit beyond what was given at the Ellucian conference.

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For this article, I’ll be using the Forms XML schema and show how to do some interesting things with conformant documents. This utility resides in the BIN directory under the Forms HOME of the standard Developer Suite or Application Server installation.

In the same directory, we also find the Forms XML schema generator (frmf2xml Oracle Forms 10.1.2 Forms to XML Tool Copyright(c) 2001, 2005, Oracle. Correct usage: frmf2xml [options] file1 [file2...] The tool will accept .fmb, and files.

These tips, tricks, and scripts were developed under various versions of Oracle and Banner, and mainly under Linux and AIX Unix, and you may need to modify them for your particular version or operating system.