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Although definitions of these terms vary, cyber harassment is often understood to involve the intentional infliction of substantial emotional distress accomplished by online speech that is persistent enough to amount to a “course of conduct” rather than an isolated incident.

Cyber stalking usually has a more narrow meaning: an online “course of conduct” that either causes a person to fear for his or her safety or would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety.

Under the heading “Anna Mayer, Do Not Hire,” a post said that anyone “thinking about hiring Anna Mayer needs to learn a few facts about her first”: Mayer “will give your workplace a bad reputation”; Mayer has health problems, violent tendencies, and a “lack of discretion”; and Mayer is “financially irresponsible” and does not pay her rent.

The posts reappeared in other blogs in what seemed like an attempt to ensure their prominence in searches of her name.

She was stunned that her attackers could figure out that she was behind her pseudonymous blog.