Online dating for hapa dating ideas for christians

You Hapa guys should check out some hapa meetups in your city. I believe Asian guys are more racist than white guys. White guys on the other hand will fuck pretty much anything. Cause they're probably not accepted by the Asian community. I always think its strange when a girl won't mess with ANY guys of the same ethnicity.

That's like saying you hate your people or skin color.

I don't know if that's a west coast thing or what, because most of the ones down here stick with Asian dudes.

This has been my experience with Latina girls that go for white guys too.

If you're a tall (6' ), decent looking white guy, you should be able to absolutely kill it with asians and Latinas.

More Blasians if anyone cares: I'm somehow unattracted to half white/half asian girls. Back when I had no game these girls stopped my cousin and I in the club and asked to take a picture of us.