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His dad also provided incorrect medical information that ultimately ended up hurting him. They have been speaking so ugly about him that a stranger in the waiting room asked me why I would allow them around him.

Making room in our lives for a partner is laudable; putting their comfort above our own is not. The real question is why you’re with someone who is so adamant about refusing to compromise with you, while apparently you’ve bent over backward to compromise for him.

The naked-picture stash seems to me to be a bit of a red herring. For him to compare a box of nudes to his wedding album is, at the very least, an incredibly dumb analogy—there’s a pretty significant difference between photos of your wedding day, which has a significant social, emotional, financial, sexual, and physical impact on your life and history, and photos of the naked torsos of everyone you’ve ever slept with. Protecting my husband: My husband recently was in a life-changing accident.

They filed a complaint with the hospital and have been calling every person they can think of to get them “to talk to me.” This isn’t about me being a mean wife; I’m trying to protect him from this. You’re acting as your husband’s advocate while he is unable to advocate for himself, and you are carrying out his last known wishes to the best of your ability.

If he asks for them, I would absolutely allow it, and they are still able to call and get updates from me and his nurses. As his wife, you have the legal right to do so; the fact that your in-laws are angry about this and uselessly lashing out to try to force you to give in to them is irritating and distracting, but irrelevant. My husband’s best friend proposed to his girlfriend during our wedding ceremony: My husband and I started dating, got pregnant, had a child, moved in together, bought a house, and got a dog in that order.

He wanted it, and I don’t feel like they were being helpful.