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Although there are more women than men in the religion, Boice sees a rather balanced demographic on his app: about 55% of users are female and 45% are male.Yet, singles like Bonzo may not have as much need for the app.

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How to get excommunicated from the Mormon church “Getting eternally married to someone will allow you to get higher glory,” Caitlyn Bonzo, a student at the Brigham Young University (BYU) in Idaho, said.

Thanks to Boice’s app, dozens of engagements — with eternal marriages on the way — have already occured.

Tinder bans tiger selfies from dating app Mikaela Linares, a Freehold, N.

J., resident spent a few years rebelling against her parents and not attending the LDS Church.

If you break up with your significant other, you’ll likely still have to see them.