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Michael always reminded him of three things: family first, breakfast is important, and it's not aunt Lindsay's real nose.

George Michael was deeply traumatized when, as a child, he began to watch what he assumed was the popular family musical, The Wizard of Oz. Consequently, George Michael is terrified of prisons.

Michael grows concerned that his son can't express himself properly, so he sends him to Openings.

George Michael cheats off of Maeby and gives a speech on how bad of a father Tobias is (but Michael overhears, thinking his son is bashing him.) George Michael attempts to throw a surprise 16th birthday party for Maeby but ruins her career at Tantamount Studios. After George's exoneration party is interrupted by the SEC, George Michael, his father, and his grandfather boat down to Cabo.

The plan doesn't work and Ann grows closer to an awkward George Michael.