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I blame not only Mcafee, but the producers of laptops that have Mcafee pre-installed. I know that Windows Defender would work just fine because I have it on other computers. I'm sure they're getting a cut of the profits from the victims of digital extortion who pay the subscription fee.From now on I'm checking to see if any so called "anti-virus" software is pre-installed to leech money from me after I've already paid for the laptop.We currently have about 25 desktops running Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise v8. it's the previous version (5200) that isn't supported anymore as of January 09. I guess the only option now is to work on a script which will update the AV until we decide if we should upgrade or move to Symantec. It doesn't go end of life until the end of the year.

Mcafee updating problems

When I go to the Action Center and view installed virus protection apps it shows the Status of Mc Afee as Not Protected and the status of Windows Defender as Off.

When I click on Mc Afee the Take Action button becomes enabled allowing me to sign up for a subscription to pay to be protected on a computer that I already paid good money for.

-I tried Control Panel - Repair, but that also failed to fix the problem. This leads me to believe that the software was not disabled because it reached the end of its "product life", but rather it got damaged somehow.

-I successfully applied service pack 16 for Virusscan 8.0i but that didn't fix it either -I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling 8.0i and that fixed the problem. I supected malicious code (virus, trojan, etc) but haven't been able to find anything.

I've been installing Virusscan 8.7i on all the affected computers, but it doesn't tell me why 8.0 failed and that leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable. PLease let us know of your status and issue the points to the right answer...