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Aaron Nagler speaks with Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the banged up secondary the Green Bay Packers will have to work around as they take on the Cleveland Browns.

Norbert College vice president of mission and student affairs, hosts a news conference to discuss the women's basketball team's 10-game suspension for alcohol-related incidents.

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2018 At Your Own Peril• Police Deaths Approach 50-Year Low During Trump’s First Year in Office• Ruger Pistol Caliber 9mm Takedown PC Carbine• AL: The bill that could affect your Alabama concealed carry permit• ATF Accepting Public Comment on Backdoor Bump Stock Gun Control• DE: Delaware officals issue transitonal rules on guns in state parks• DE: State officials respond to court ruling with partial gun ban in parks• SC: The First U. • After A Vow To End 'This American Carnage,' A Year Of Deadly Violence• Easy access to guns is exposing US to attacks from violent extremists, warns top counterterrorism official• NC: 233 people were shot in Durham this year.