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I never remotely grasped what a great song this is until I heard it from this night.

He would not have been able to do his job, and his ability to function as the smartest, most persistent, and effective interlocutor of the Trump administration would have been destroyed.

Given what he did, and may have done, he could have fought it, with the tacit or explicit support of his party.

They’ve made it plain they’ll accept anything to keep the Trump show going and to indulge their delight in seeing America dissolved.

My fantasy is that Al runs for congress in the special election in November 2018 after Mark Dayton appoints a placeholder in January.

I think Kirsten Gillibrand is sincere, but I think for Chuck Schumer it was all calculation about the—and I hate this word, but in this degraded context it’s accurate—Democratic brand, just as it’s clear that Republicans called on Moore to drop out—Ryan, Mc Connell, Cornyn, and even, at the start, Trump, in the “if these allegations are proved true” weasel out—only because they thought he’d lose.