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Video clips of the incident have gone viral on social media and people have begun referring to the phrase as “a Benni Mc Carthy”.

The Champions League winner has since admitted he didn’t set a good example, but claims he was provoked.

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What had caused that original problem remained a mystery.

With the engine in full health the Everest 2.2 proved to be a very capable tow vehicle after all.

With all the seats up there’s not much luggage room, and holiday travels with a full complement of passengers will definitely require a trailer.

But with just the front two rows occupied and the rear seats flipped down, cargo space is a very generous 1 050 litres.

It rolled along calm and collected, without feeling like the engine was being strained or overworked.

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    Version 4.0 of Ghost added multicast technology, following the lead of a competitor, Image Cast.

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    He then moved southward into Greece, where he sacked Piraeus (the port of Athens) and destroyed Corinth, Megara, Argos, and Sparta.