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My husband is such a mess maker that you can't imagine. 10 Reasons Why You Should Ask Your Boss For A Raise 10. Would you be willing to allow me to keep him in my room at night?

He doesn't put anything away, I am always going around the house cleaning up after him." The friend says, "Take a tip from me. You take your paycheck to the bank and the teller bursts out in hysterical laughter. The Red Cross calls and offers you emergency assistance. Your only charge cards are for the Salvation Army, ARC, and DAV thrift stores. You work full time and you still qualify for food stamps. You empty out your piggy bank and then cook the bank and serve it for your Easter ham. All you can think about morning, noon and night is clipping grocery coupons. You file your income taxes and the IRS returns them stamped, "Charity Case -- Return To Sender." 3. " A businessman sent an inquiry to a small hotel in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation. " An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who said, "I've been operating this hotel for many years.

I give you my deepest compliments and appreciation." "You know, Lieutenant, funny thing," the corporal replied.

"In this work we never get any complaints." The pastor of our church began his sermon with this story: "I was on a plane last week, from Chicago to California, when we ran into some very severe turbulence.

Twice it got him into Radio City Music Hall, and once into Yankee Stadium. "Sorry," I replied, "but I've been incapacitated." Undaunted, the caller kept trying to convince me to change my mind and volunteer. Below that some wit had written, "If I do, will it wiggel Bach?

It came in handy as a letter from his employer to the cashier to increase his salary. " Working for a pediatrician calls for stifling a chuckle from time to time. " Inventor: "I've just invented something that everyone in the world will want!

The pastor said, "What I want you to do is get these people back to church, however you can. I drove to the nearest store and loaded a shopping cart with four cases of baby powder and several boxes of aspirin.