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However, in developing the academic course of instruction for cadets, the Board had much more latitude and endeavored to provide Cadets with as broad an education as possible, both scientific and practical, to prepare them for leadership roles beyond military service.

Compared to the more classically focused universities of the day, the practical education provided at the Citadel and Arsenal Academies was unique for its time.

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The Citadel's legacy of service to the State of South Carolina and our Nation is a tradition of which its founding fathers would be justly proud.

Origins of The Citadel The original site of The Citadel was on what is now Marion Square in the City of Charleston.

During a Cadet's four years at the Citadel Academy, he would undertake a demanding course of academic study in addition to his military training and duties.

This course of instruction included the following subjects: Modern History, Geography, English Grammar, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, French, Bookkeeping, Descriptive Geometry, Rhetoric, Moral and Natural Philosophy, Architecture, Civil and Military Engineering, the Science of War, Topographical Drawing, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, Constitutional Law, and the Laws of Nations.

In addition, Cadets would be schooled in the military arts, including Artillery, Evolutions of the Line, and Duties of non-commissioned and commissioned Officers.