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By placing a piece of saran wrap inside of the cover, you create a tighter seal when closed. We know how important it is for you to get your medication, lucky casino hat, special undies, etc. I don’t care what the forecast says – the meteorologist wasn’t referring to the middle of the ocean when he said it would be 80 degrees. Bring a jacket, or at least a windbreaker so you’re not stuck below decks like a troll.

We have a ton of respect for the guys working the docks. You don’t want to be sticking cotton swabs inside of your skull once they’ve been rolling around the bottom of that seven-year-old travel kit.

Here are 26 Tips & Hacks on what to pack for your cruise. Do you remember the last coffee you had on a cruise ship? If I had a nickel for every ounce of coffee I lost walking up and down those stairs, I’d have enough to treat my third-degree burns.

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Before checking out the complete list, please watch our fun little video highlighting the 10 Best Tips on What to Pack for a Cruise!

Bring your favorite coffee mug, fill ‘er up, and lounge around like Juan Valdez.

Once you check your bags, you won’t see them again for roughly six hours.

We’re often asked what to pack for a cruise and completely understand why it’s a very sought after topic.