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Vanessa continued, "Anyway, that means you won't be needing your knickers so take them off and hand them to me for safe-keeping please."Sarah smiled at Vanessa and liked the idea of being knickerless and said with a smile, "I'll get them off as soon as we get to the house."Vanessa had a wicked smile when she ordered, "No Sarah.

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She had her eye on Elizabeth who was seventy-five-years-old and her grandma's age.

It would be awesome to get a discipline spanking from her today, Sarah mused.

If she had to take off her knickers now, then several of those people would see her do it, and most likely some would get a good view of her pussy as she stepped out of her knickers.

However, she was quite taken by the dominant attitude of Vanessa and taking a deep breath slipped her hands under the hem of her dress and inside the elastic of her knickers and pushing downwards stepped out of her knickers as quickly as she could.

Everyone knew that Sarah loved to be disciplined and reduced to a blubbering tear-filled eye and tear-stained face with a blazing red bottom and even bruises produced by wooded-backed paddle hairbrushes or leather straps.