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OVERALL FIRST IMPRESSIONSCamera seems well made and a little smaller than I thought it would be. The image on the live view in daylight was good (see photo), images appeared sharp and easy to identify. I turned on the TV, went into another room and was easily able to watch the TV and hear the sound very clearly when it came through.

There were some breakups of the sound at times though, making me miss some of the audio detail.

I open the app and see that my house had caught on fire and my dog was stuck inside.

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Sunday my family and I went out of town and I was excited to be able to watch our dog through the cloud cam app.

On the way home Sunday evening, I received a notification that motion was detected.

Thank you Amazon for the sale and thank the universe nothing worse happened!

I'm a Amazon fanboy - I've bought 3 echos, 1 dot, 1 fire stick, multiple kindles, I have AWS instances running my domains, I've been prime since there was prime, and I was one of the first subscribers to Unlimited Music. Without purchasing any of the plans, the device isn't worth it at half the price.

I do seem to get a lot of “We were unable to play this video” error codes when I first try to play the video, but usually it will play when I hit the blue ‘replay’ button.