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Specifically, movement on the ground is much more consistent.

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v=f SLks Cafgso I've gathered a few clips of instances where this happens naturally in a match. v=p Av Ph E7OH-k&feature=- Genji is off-screen https://

v=BIeat Hqdw Nc - Off-screen again, backs into view after shot has been fired https://

If we look at statistic websites like Overbuff, it shows that Scatter isn't OP at all.

https:// It actually shows that Scatter arrow gets less eliminations on average than Helix rockets, the power lvl of Scatter is 100% not the issue, it is the fact that when it does land there is no counter-play against it, which can make players feel cheated.

), that reworks some of how our heroes move and accelerate.

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