Enjoyourself chat

Do you remember the story about the start-up founder who went on a real life blind date using Sensay?

We’ve seen remarkable connections occur between strangers on our platform.

If your question is about the wiki, it is helpful to post a link to the article you are referring to, as most of us do not have the entire wiki memorized.

Channel Operators (identified by the @ or a star next to their name on the wiki's applet) are in place to kick or ban unruly users. Below is a table detailing what each flag does and what permissions it grants the user that has the flag. They help maintain a peaceful and fun chatting environment by watching the channel and enforcing the rules.

If problems are getting to you too much, the solution is as simple as turning the computer off and going outside, or playing those Mario games that brought us all here!

If you have any further questions, or are experiencing any problems connecting to the channel, please post them on the talk page, or ask an operator.

The chatroom is meant to be a safe place to hang out and enjoy yourself while chatting about the wiki.