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I'm not saying that healthy relationships are perfect. But rather that when someone is truly making you happy, you are only sharing good news about that person and your relationship.

I truly believe that when a relationship is good (healthy) there are no buts.

That’s the working assumption every time your child encounters a single dad?

The basis for this claim is that 88 per cent of dads who applied to court for contact with their kids were awarded some kind of access.

For example, 10 per cent were restricted to “indirect contact” with their children via phone, post or Skype; a further five per cent were only allowed to see their children in the company of a supervisor and 23 per cent were permitted to spend a few daytime hours with their children.

Surely an ambitious, progressive and caring society should be striving to help every child to have a great relationship with their dads and aspire to have every separated parent fully involved in their children’s lives?

If 96 per cent of separated parents who had to apply to court to see their kids were women and half of them weren’t allowed to have their children sleep in their same house, would we deem this a success. And any system that produces such unequal outcomes for men and women and not only considers that output to be acceptable, but deems it “overwhelmingly successful” cannot be anything other than sexist, biased and discriminatory.

Just under a quarter will be restricted to seeing their children in the daytime and the remaining quarter will be given little or no opportunity to be the daddy.