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Finally, as a last resort, there are professional "interventionists" that are available to assist family and friends of an alcoholic in confronting that individual, presenting ultimatums, and providing resources with the hope that the alcoholic will ultimately agree to seek help.

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He will consume on average 8-14 beers every single night! It's tougher than AA, but it is possible to stay in a relationship with an alkie, and most importantly, with yourself. My partner will drink at least 12-18 beers every, single, night - sometimes an entire carton of 24. I have even recorded it and played it back and he still denies it.

He looks normal, is kind, loving, respectful and a great dad to his 9 year old son. In the last two years he has not gone without for a day. I have been reading this but not considered commenting until I saw your comment is so recent. I am at the same stage after suffering my (female) partner of nearly 20 years' "secret" drinking over the last two years.

HFAs typically do not realize the extent to which their drinking affects others.

The fact that they are "functioning" and able to go to work, excel in academics, provide for their family and still drink alcoholically feeds their denial.

There may come a point where the HFA in your life is unwilling to seek help and is continuing to drink alcoholically despite your efforts to offer help.