Dating woman going through divorce

Ending a disintegrating marriage is made more […]Q.My husband left me three months ago and now wants a divorce.The greater your stress, the worse your health becomes.

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What happens if your husband has lots of investments that may pay […]Did your husband just take out a massive car loan so that he could salve his mid-life crisis with a sleek new Porsche 911 Carrera?

Well, once you hand him the divorce papers, you may end up shouldering up to half of that debt!

) If you are either in the process of getting divorced or got divorced last year, then you may be facing a totally different tax situation than you are used to. You don’t want to accidentally lose out on some […]Monthly child support payments can be a financial life saver after a divorce, especially if you earn far less than your husband.

After a divorce, you will need to learn how to make do on a single income while raising children who seem always to be emptying your refrigerator, growing out of their clothes, and […]The biggest mistake women make when they decide to get divorced (and most divorces are instigated by women) is that they fail to plan for their post-divorce life. The decision to separate from a marriage is highly emotional, and it can be difficult to focus on practical questions, such as how you […]Say it ain’t so! Maybe you were originally on Team Jennifer when Pitt and Jolie got together, but you’ve got to admit the two Hollywood superstars seemed like a match made in gorgeous person heaven.

A high-earning spouse isn’t exactly happy to hand over his assets to his soon-to-be ex, especially if they live in a Community Property State that requires couples to equally split their marital estate.