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Released on VHS and Laser Disc and occasionally shown on TV, The Keep remains a mesmerisingly strange cult oddity that’s been difficult to see for the last couple of decades.

But incredibly, having skipped an entire technology, it A gothic portmanteau Western in which two strangers spin scary tales around a campfire.

Plenty of films have yet to make the hi-res journey to Blu-ray, but there are hundreds that never even made it to DVD.

Empire has been digging, and we've exhumed these 25 movies never officially pressed onto a small, silver disc... If you feel inclined, suggest your own lost treasures in the comments. Availability in some regions but not others doesn’t count – these are films that, as far as we can ascertain, have never been released on DVD .

Cameron Crowe wrote it before he made his directorial debut with Say Anything..., and it’s often compared to the also Crowe-written Fast Times At Ridgemont High.