Dating someone with ms

Maybe they thought they were cool enough and could handle watching it. Maybe the two of you should just date for a while and get to know each other.Forget the MS stuff and figure out if the the of you have a future.

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I agree with a lot of privious posters who said just get to know her for now and worry about the rest later In Eyeswideopen's position I think it is wise and also thoughtful to be researching early on.

MS absolutely does have the ability to control what happens to their future family.

I did not "run for the hills"..are going out tonight for dinner and have made plans for this weekend...

I really want this to be a rock-solid relationship so I am researching as best I can...

I do not plan on babying her (in fact the only the thing I am going to be cognizant of is heat and making sure she is not exposed to to much sun)..this sound like the right track to take? If you want to keep it open and honest then I would just ask her what she feels about her MS and what she thinks or can't do, and to be open with you when she is tried and not feeling good.