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This is especially problematic in matters of domestic abuse, where the Saudi embassy have collaborated with foreign governments to force runaway women back into the kingdom. Walk freely without being harassed by morality police Street harassment is a universal problem for women, but for women in Saudi Arabia it reaches to new levels.

So-called morality police - otherwise referred to as religious police - in Saudi Arabia are quick to probe women on what they are wearing and how they act in public.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote on his official Twitter, praising the move and saying it was "an important step in the right direction."READ ALSO: 198 Nigerians deported by Saudi Arabia arrive home Liesl Gerntholtz, executive director of the Women's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch said there was still a long way to go for Saudi women.

She said: "This prohibition on driving is just one in a vast series of laws and policies which prevent women from doing many things.

"The guardianship rule stops women from making every decision in her life without the assistance of a male relative, even if that relative is her 7-year-old son."According to CNN, Ambassador bin Salman described the step as "part of Vision 2030, which is a huge step toward a brighter future."READ ALSO: Saudi Arabia sentences Nigerian pilgrim to 3 months in prison, bans him from entering Makkah for 5 years He also said: "That plan for the country's economic reinvention rests on a number of pillars, including youth empowerment, social organization and women's empowerment, "which is an extremely important element of the changes happening in Saudi Arabia."We are trying to increase women's participation in the workforce."In order to change women's participation in the workforce we need them to be able to drive to work," said bin Salman, who is a son of the current king and a brother of the crown prince.