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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but to The Voice contestant Owen Danoff, he’s also the guy whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.

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If you’ve ever lived with someone who plays a musical instrument, you can probably appreciate how frustrating the constant music and practice can be, but Eisenberg said, “It’s strange, because normally you dread the musician roommate who wakes you up at all hours, but his music is like so beautiful and his voice is so sweet that you’re awoken by something really nice.”" data-reactid="24"Eisenberg also seems keen on the idea of having a potentially famous musician in his house, especially one with Danoff’s pedigree.

Eisenberg said, “His dad wrote ‘Afternoon Delight’ and ‘Country Road’ — that’s his father’s band, and I’m associated with him, so in a way wrote those songs.”The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at p.m.

They assume that the couple must be dating—or at least that they secretly wish they were.

They love each other, like siblings love each other, but they're not .

Of course, almost all instances of Platonic Life Partners fall under this trope, but to avoid redundancy they should be listed on this page.

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