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For a bunch of Morons (TM), some of you guys are pretty smart. Chin-ups work the biceps more than the back/lats, and, being a bro, my biceps were developed while my back was Chernobyl.

I have a big accomplishment to mention, and a big thank you to one or two (or all? And I don't mean radioactively strong like the Hulk. I've done sporadic exercises to work on this -- like just doing a pull up from a barbell held in the squat rack, using my legs to provide just enough push to let my back and arms pull me up -- but not a lot.

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Also, that bit about "It strips oil from critical components that help your engine run" and "(gas) can actually wash oil off the cylinder walls if you run it idle in cold conditions". Gearheads, help me out here, just how stupid is that statement?

Tinder, Grindr, and other aps give a fascinating glimpse into the hook-up subculture.

It works pretty much the same muscles as the positive, just maybe in a different sequence of activation. I think 90% of the battle of just doing something is just trusting that it will actually work. I used the Grease the Groove method, which just means, as often as possible, you do the exercise (here, a negative pull-up, but you can do it for anything, push-ups, squats, etc.) The link above also talks about Greasing the Groove, after the bit about the jumping negative. I also worked on technique -- which is really important, because not all muscle movements are intuitive and automatic.

Now I've read that lots of times before, but I never really bothered to try it. A lot of times when I don't do something, it's because I figure, what are the odds this will actually work? This will probably all end in failure and humiliation. (You can also just step-up to the bar with a little one-foot kitchen step-ladder.) When you Grease the Groove, you are not trying to push yourself to fatigue; the idea is that you're doing low enough reps (in my case, negative one) that while your muscles are being used, they're not being drained, and you can do the exercise again in an hour or two. I found the whole "activate your scapulae" very non-intuitive -- I had no idea how to make my back do anything, really; you don't have fine control over your back muscles like you do your arms or hands -- and had to practice this partial exercise of just squeezing the scapulae together and then depressing them, to even get them to start firing. Your brain just has to figure out what pathway to send signals down to get these not-very-dextrous muscles to start doing some basic movements.

In Mashhad, some chanted "not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran", a reference to what protesters say is the administration's focus on foreign rather than domestic issues.