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The immediacy of its touch response and sensitivity, the overtones, the bloom, the articulation, I was gobsmacked (oddly enough I've never written that word before - least to the best of my recollection, and am not even 100% sure it means what I'm intending it to mean, but basically the amp fucking laid me OUT with HOLYSHITNESS!!!

in a good way)So my buds say "oh you like that JJ eh??

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I will forever be happy with the JJ - absolutely hands down 100% fucking AMPED about this head and cab - period. You oughta try the Butterslax - it's even "more" than the JJ....".

But according to "friends in the know", "Hey Mo, you want a little more low end and some heft and some heavier "heavy", go with the Slax..." so I did. As it's been called before - the Friedman "rabbit-hole". And tend to act like a rabbit around certain types of holes. Kinda hard to worry about lookin' at other women when you're dating two Swedish model sisters, but you know, it can happen.

My job was to just play the same riffs over and over between tube swaps and really listen for differences while he was dialing in the amps.

The JJ is an awesome sounding amp and the stock tubes that come with it were the best.

I've owned or at least played more than once every Friedman except the Phil X and Buxom Betty, and I STILL think the JJ is their best amp. You're stoked on the first one right outta the gate, and then whaddya know, similar lines, different style and flavour - boom - two's better than one I'm jazzed - but not even watching the tracking as I'm pretty stoked with the JJ and what it's offering (along with my XYC, Sheevs, Atma, yada yada...hellfire I have had a duel between the Twin Jet and JJ - nice surprise? Totally different and tonally different - also feel is different - but both absolutely throw fire, the TJ perhaps a little less refined in its nuclear proclivities, but ya, they're similar but different and the difference makes them play nice together, if that makes any sense at all).