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Seated pose dressed in a very course grey, wool suit and sporting this wonderful D-Guard bowie.

This is a classic view by Charles Rees of Richmond however it is not signed.

Although not an artilleryman he's headed into battle with two big cannons! He was 13 at the time of the supposed exploit into the Fredericksburg battle. Regardless of whether or not he actually took part in the crossing of the Rappahannock he became a national celebrity and toured both the country and France.

He sports a pair of rare Remington-Beals Navy revolvers in .36 caliber. During that time he pose for a number of different views. The Eastman Business College located in Poughkeepsie had rewarded Hendershott with a scholarship for his heroism.

The 2nd Infantry, company G is missing the nut and both prongs are bent over. Complete with matching small nuts with anti-rotation points on them. It has no anti-rotation stud and never did have one. In addition to the small size the type of fastener supports this early device.